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itsaliveWelcome to Frankengamer where I’ll be bringing you all sorts of game related news, reviews and information. Anything that interests me which is game related will be fair game for a post.

I’ve been gaming since I was in single figures starting on my Grandad’s old wood veneer Atari with Pong. Over the years I’ve spent many hours in video game arcades, I’ve worn away the rubber keys on an old Spectrum, played the Atari ST to death and graduated to consoles.

First up was the NES, then the SNES, a Gameboy, then the Sega Megadrive, the Playstation, the Playstation 2, the Xbox, the Nintendo DS, the PSP, the Xbox 360 and finally the Playstation 3. Not to mention a new PC every couple of years.

I’ve filled my belly with dots in Pacman, raced round the beach front in Outrun with the wind blowing in my hair and cleaned up the mean streets of Double Dragon. I’ve smashed opponents to pieces in Speedball 2, nuked worlds in Civilisation 2 and flown at crazy speeds in futuristic hoverships with Wipeout. I’ve managed teams to treble success in Champ Man, banged in hat tricks with Pro-Evo and eaten my way out of a dead guys chest in Alien vs Predator 2. I’ve killed many a Nazi and Combine and Terrorist, defeated zombies and sweated in the jungle hunting my prey in too many FPS’s to mention. I’ve led armies in Total War, pulled off numerous Grand Theft Autos and solved many a puzzle in a decayed old tomb. Ok you get the idea I like gaming.

I like it so much I got a job in the games industry. I worked as a games tester and then lead games tester at the now defunct VIS Entertainment on games like State of Emergency and Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick. I worked as a games designer and producer at Outerlight on The Ship and another soon to be released game.  Working in games can be more stress than it’s worth and I left in search of a life. A new life as a freelance writer and so here I am.

I write about games for a number of websites so I’ll occasionally post links to my other articles. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, I am going to be deliciously and cruelly honest about my opinion on all manner of game related things. Free of the restraints of editorial control this is where I’ll run wild. Feel free to get involved, post a comment, ask a question, whatever you like.

Join me as I assemble the choice parts of the gaming world like cadaverous limbs to construct the Frankengamer.






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