Guitar Hero Wears Off

Guitar Hero controllerGuitar Hero was an awesome game when it was first released. A guitar peripheral and a great list of tracks all in an affordable bundle made it a perfect party game. I had many enjoyable drunken nights posing like a rock star and twanging my way through various metal hits. All good things come to an end though and I can’t help feeling that the Guitar Hero series is being milked to death. Since the original release in 2005 they’ve churned out around eight titles and a bunch more on other platforms not to mention all the special edition guitars. 

Does the announcement that a Metallica version has just been released signal the fact that the game is totally overexposed? Whats next Guitar Hero: The Beatles? Actually yes, Activision are in talks right now about a Beatles themed entry in the series.

The release of Rock Band has taken it even further adding a microphone and drums to transform your living room into a bad gig venue. It’s weird I can remember talking to people excitedly about the prospect of Rock Band and then it was released and I just thought nah. The third game in the Guitar Hero series was where it lost the appeal for me and now I don’t mind the odd drunken session at a mate’s flat but there is no longer a space in my living room for a plastic guitar.






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