Independent Games Festival Awards 2009

cortex commandThe Independent Games Festival awards are announced each year at GDC and they always highlight  a few really cool titles which are worth checking out. Here are the winners from this year.

Blueberry Garden won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and it is the weird creation of Swedish developer Erik Svedang. It features a constantly changing environment and entices you to explore the Bluebery Garden.

The Innovation Award went to Between which is a clever dream like adventure which you should play with a friend. Philosphical stuff for the gaming world.

Musaic Box won the Design Award and it is truly inventive with musical puzzles to be solved.

Visual Art Award went to Machinarium another new point and click adventure with beautifully drawn backdrops.

Brainpipe won the Audio Award and it offers a psychedelic challenge for your reflexes with bizarre sound effects and dreamy musical backing.

The Technical Award went to Cortex Command a 2D platformer with a physics engine that challenges you to take command of all kinds of machines and bodies for your own ends. It features split screen multiplayer too and it also won the Audience Award.






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