Gaming Improves Eyesight

PS3 eye posterAha so the truth comes out at last gaming actually improves your eyesight. In your face moaning wives and parents everywhere I knew playing games for hours in darkened rooms was doing me some good.

This news is based on a US study conducted at the University of Rochester and reading more closely it actually states action gaming can improve your “contrast sensitivity”. This is one of the first areas of your eyesight to go as you grow older. The improvements can be measured in gamers who have been playing action games for months and even years so not only is there an improvement in this area but it also suggests that the long periods spent staring at the screen are not bad for your eyesight at all.

They are now hoping to use it to treat people with amblyopia or “lazy eye”. It has to be an action game though, Call of Duty 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 totally worked but Sims 2 made no improvement.






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  1. Zawad Avatar

    Well eye sight aside it improves the co ordination between the three main parts of the body eyes, brain and hands. The study suggest that surgeons should play video games in order to be better surgeons I mean while in surgery you have to co ordinate between ur eyes, hands and brain same you do in video games so there u have it.. It does improve something 🙂

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