What’s so Great About the Nintendo DSi?

Nintendo DSiThe Nintendo DSi comes out this week and it is the third iteration of the most popular handheld on the market. So what have they done to it you may well wonder? Well it is thinner and slightly longer, the screens are a wee bit bigger, the speakers are improved and they’ve added not just one but two digital VGA cameras. It also has an improved CPU and RAM and you can download games onto it directly. All of which is a bit annoying since I’ve already got a DS. Why should these non-gaming latecomers get a better handheld than me damn it!

Nintendo want it to be “more than a gaming system, and more of a personal tool to enrich our daily lives” which sounds like something a tool would say. Anyway I know what they mean I’m just bitter because I can’t buy another one. The Nintendo DS assault on mainstream society continues and you can use the device to read books, check recipes, train for fitness, stop smoking or just as a notepad.

They’ve already sold well over a million of the new DSi models in Japan. If you want to buy one it will cost you $170.

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