OnLive vs Gaikai: Cloud Gaming Battle Begins

cloudsWe have just heard about cloud computing and how we no longer need high end gaming machines because OnLive is going to let you play any game you want on your toaster. Coming hot on the heels of that statement there is now competition emerging in the shape of Gaikai and they’ve got a cooler name.

Dave Perry says they’ve already thought of the idea and they are going to do it better. It basically means no more buying consoles, no more buying physical copies of games and no more waiting for firmware updates or patch downloads. You just click on what you want and play, even on a rubbish machine because the hardware and software is elsewhere and they are just streaming it across the net to your screen.

All this talk is great and I can see the potential, the cost of hardware is high, the time wasted for PS3 firmware updates and patch downloads is always annoying and maybe the ISPs are capable of delivering the bandwidth required. Maybe. The big unknown is the price and ultimately it will decide the argument for me. We’ll have to wait and see but clearly the cloud gaming battle for our attention has begun.





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