Are Movie Tie-In Games Ever Good?

Wanted: Weapons of FateIn a word no.

Actually it is not beyond the bounds of possiblity and there have been a few decent titles which were based on movie licenses. I got thinking about this because I  just wrote a Wanted: Weapons of Fate review and it was reasonably well made for a movie tie-in. It was also devoid of any originality, with ripped off game mechanics and a very short, linear single player story. I thought the movie was pretty bad as well.

The vast majority of movie tie-ins are terrible games and they come in various categories. The top offendors are games made to co-incide with the release date of the film. These always without exception suck balls. Good games take time to develop, often they take longer than movies, therefore if you rush a game to hit the release date of a movie there is a very high chance you have not done a good job. These are cheap cash ins designed to rip off casual gamers who are fans of a movie or fleece idiot present buying people into thinking, “Well he liked that film I’ll get him the game.” They get stuck in a weird limbo where they want to be like the movie but not spoil it and it generally results in mediocrity.

If a game is made from a movie license but the developers take their time then the chances of it being passable are much better. However they still have to deal with the limitations of the license and I can’t think of a single example where they actually employed any originality from a game mechanic point of view.

They have made so many games based on the Star Wars universe that some of them have been good but none of them advance their genre. The Godfather games were made long after the fact and with enough care that they are decent but there are few similar examples.

Funnily enough games that are made into movies suck as well. Maybe the two should just stay seperate?





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