Sexy Keyboard Logitech diNovo Edge

Logitech diNovo KeyboardNot sure I could ever bring myself to spend this much on a keyboard but then I guess with the amount of use it sees maybe it would be a worthwhile purchase. The Logitech diNovo Edge is supposed to be the best looking keyboard on the market and you won’t get much change from $150 if you want to buy one.

You have to admit it does look pretty good and the recharging stand makes it look like a piece of art on display. It is laser cut from a single piece of Plexiglass and set in an aluminium frame. I imagine it is bulletproof.

It has a TouchDisc on the right hand side for alternative cursor control and fast scrolling. The keys have what they call a precision micro-scissors mechanism so force is distributed evenly with each stroke. It also has hidden stealth controls that light up and a touch-sensitive volume slider. It has Bluetooth functionality for wireless use and apparently it only takes five minutes to charge it for a full day.

Realistically although it is functionally good you can get keyboards with far more features for less than this. It is not really suited to gaming specifically and it is definitely more of a stylish statement piece than a practical purchase. If you want a really great looking keyboard you don’t have too many choices so it’s no surprise that this model sells very well.

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