Empire: Total War Eating Days

empirenaval1Been playing a bit too much Empire: Total War and it is seriously awesome. You can check out my Empire: Total War review. Not only have they added naval warfare they have also padded out the turn based strategy and campaign map. With a tech tree and more building options it is creeping closer to Civ with each iteration. When it comes to RTS the game-play is unsurpassed although this release is surprisingly buggy compared to the rest of the Total War series.

I also did a guide to land battles which have changed a little bit with the inevitable focus on artillery and riflemen. Having recreated the British Empire I’m moving on to other factions now. If they can get some of bugs fixed up it will be the best strategy game ever released. The problem is the game is damn time consuming and I have a stack of other titles that need some attention. This is the reason I stopped playing Football Manager and the Civilization series.






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