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PrototypeThere isn’t really anything particularly new or revolutionary about Prototype. The evil military linked virus weapon outbreak back story is far from original and the third-person action gameplay is fairly familiar. The visuals are good with a rough composite of New York but this is no GTA and the strongest aspect of the art is the animation by far. There are problems with the difficulty mix as well, easy missions follow hard ones quite randomly. Check out my Prototype review for more.

Whatever you say about Prototype you have to admit it is a lot of fun to play. There are hints of Akira about the set up and charging around the city mashing up enemies who are woefully ill equipped to deal with your ferocious violent abilities brought a big grin to my face. This is no superhero game either, your powers may be comparable but your complete disregard for public safety and the moral ambivalence of the whole thing is quite refreshing.

I haven’t been gaming much the last couple of weeks because I just became a father and my bundle of puking, pooping and wailing joy is infinitely more interesting than any game. Still in the brief periods when he drops off to sleep it is Prototype that I have stuck on to squeeze in a quick blast of escapist action.



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    Loved your latest post, by the way.

  3. iulia02121 Avatar

    Interesting game, I’ll try it 🙂

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