Do You Use Your Handhelds?

toiletJust back from a two week holiday in France and we drove. Yes all the way from Edinburgh through the Channel Tunnel and down to a tiny place near Josselin in Brittany. Couldn’t fly for various reasons so we were stuck with the two day road trip and so I dusted off my handhelds, charged them up and finally played some DS and PSP games. 

It was only as I went to pick them up and coughed from the thick layer of dust that I realised I hadn’t actually touched either of them for quite a while. The DS has certainly seen more action than the PSP and I’m not ashamed to admit to some Mariokart toilet sessions. I find a Grand Prix comp is about the length of a good dump but you probably don’t need to know that.

Anyway I remembered that the PSP is actually really nice, the screen is awesome and I played GTA Liberty City stories and God of War. The shiny problem definitely cost me a few lives as the sun dazzled me momentarily and caused me to drive into the sea or zig when I should have zagged. Still it was fun and that wee thumb controller thingy is awesome.

Everyone else wanted to play the DS. Mariokart, The Curious Professor Puzzleface (you know the one), Brain Training, Sight Training, maybe I should bring out Toilet Training 😉 No doubting the mass appeal of Nintendo then.

Anyway now I’ve returned the handhelds have gone back to their shelves and despite my resolution to play them a bit more there is a PC and a PS3 and a Wii to contend with. I know the next time I reach for them they’ll probably have grown a new layer of dust. When I had a commute I played them daily but for some reason the whole portability factor means in my head that they should only be used in places where you can’t be playing a better game on a better system.

So how much do you use your handhelds? When and where do you use them? Do you think it’s morally wrong to use them on the toilet? Answers on a postcard please….or post them in comments.

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