Gaming PCs Must Have Stupid Cases

gaming pcI’m not sure when or where it happened but there was obviously a law passed at some point which states that any PC intended to be a top of the line gaming machine must come in a stupid case. Apparently gamers are desperate to see the inner workings of their machine preferably with a blue glow applied.  There’s nothing better while blasting aliens and building empires than to glance down and see neon blue shining through a zig zag pattern on the side of your PC. Thank god, zeus, odin, allah, or whoever my motherboard is still there!

If it doesn’t have the cutaway with the mad lighting then it has to have a moving or sliding face plate. Something completely pointless and impractical which actually detracts from the precious gaming time you have because you have to wait for this mechanical wonder to unfold everytime you want to put a disk in the machine. Some of them are now disguising the shape altogether. I may be a PC but I don’t have to be a box shape, I can be all angular like dazzle camouflage. Behold my glowing weird awesomeness.

I have to wonder do the people who buy these machines just give up gaming altogether and sit round the PC case in the dark? The only thing worse than the stupid cut away effect is getting a custom paint job on your PC. It’s not a car ffs, who are you trying to impress with that flaming skull? Do you cart it around on a skateboard so people can see? Maybe I’m missing the point but I don’t really need to be sitting in the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to get immersed in a game. I’m more interested in what’s inside the machine. A big black brick is fine with me as long as it is quiet and really, really fast.







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