Nintendo Seal of Quality is a Joke

Nintendo DS TurdJust been playing a Nintendo DS game called Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward which I’m reviewing and it was really pretty poor. Like a Flash browser game except they want $20 for it. It’s something I’ve noticed in general about Nintendo lately, they’ve thrown the whole idea of quality control out of the window. This game had the Nintendo Seal of Quality on the back of the box, just like all the shovelware Wii games they churn out. Didn’t that used to mean something? Actually no, they always churned out more than their fair share of total crap you just tend to forget the bad ones.

I was thinking about it and came across this accurate article – How To Get A Nintendo Seal Of Quality

I’ve never been much of a fan of Nintendo and in the past they had games like Mario Kart which is undeniably awesome but now I could count the number of decent Wii and DS games on one hand and most of them are repackaged classics or multi format releases. The top selling game on the DS is Nintendogs and on the Wii it’s Wii Sports. Not exactly inspiring stuff. Anyway not sure what my point is just some aimless Nintendo moaning 😉

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