Slim PS3 and PSP Go

slim ps3Sony made some interesting announcements at the GamesCom 2009 Expo. First up was the predictable news that they would be releasing a slim version of the PS3 on the 1st of September. It is 33% smaller, 36% lighter and 10% less loveable. I’m just saying that because I already have a fat PS3 and I love it anyway. None of this shallow obsessive dieting for my PS3.

They are also doing a firmware update for PS3s big and small. It will let you watch BBC iPlayer through your PS3 which is awesome and there are a few other bits and pieces as well. You’ll now be able to browse the PS3 via any Bravia remote so yet another reason why I need to buy a new Sony Bravia┬áTV, the wife will surely cave this time.

psp goThere is also the PSP Go, the dinky version of the PSP which slides open. It will be getting a download service where you can buy mini-games, by which they mean under 100 MB puzzle games and casual titles. It has a way to go to catch the Nintendo DS but this still looks like a smart move from Sony.

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