Xbox 360 Price Drop

xbox 360 eliteSo Microsoft have announced they are cutting the price of the Xbox 360 Elite by $100 which will make it $299. The same price as the new PS3. Both machines are 120 GB but I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would buy a 360 over a PS3. The PS3 is a far better console with support for Blu-ray and web browsing. The fact that Sony take a loss on each console sold shows you what a good deal it is for the consumer. Meanwhile Microsoft cut out the free HDMI cable they were bundling with the Xbox 360 Elite package and they still claim to be making a profit on the hardware.

I found their statement about how they had planned this price drop all along quite funny. It just happened to be something they were going to announce anyway even although they didn’t announce it at GamesCom, it has nothing to do with their major competitor dropping the price of their console, honest. Yes very convincing. Microsoft also plan to phase out the Xbox 360 Pro which is dropping in price to $249.







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