This Week I Have Been Playing…

Batman: Arkham AsylumMostly Batman: Arkham Asylum which is as good as everyone says it is. You can read my Batman: Arkham Asylum review or the Combat Guide and Hints & Tips. It is the best mainstream game I’ve played in ages and it doesn’t really do anything especially original or unique it is simply very well made, cinematic and highly polished. It’s the first game I’ve actually gone back and played after completing in years. If you are going to get it buy the PS3 version because you get to play the bonus challenges as the Joker as well.

The other game which has managed to pinch a few hours is Majesty 2. I did a review for Boomtown last month and then a strategy guide the other day. It is a nice RTS with a twist in that you don’t control units directly you offer them rewards to do things for you. It actually works very well and if anyone remembers the original game you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The dud of the recent bunch was definitely Raven Squad, here’s the review. It was billed as an RTS and FPS cross which I suppose it kind of is but sadly it crosses a bad RTS with a bad FPS.






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