Sony Move vs Microsoft Natal

movevsnatalI knew Sony were bringing out a motion controller of some kind but Jesus it really does look like a bit too close to the Wiimote doesn’t it? It’s apparently lighter, perhaps slightly more ergonomic and it definitely looks better but still. Looks like the next big fight is a match up between the Sony Move and Microsoft’s Project Natal where “you are the controller”. A bit like the old Sony EyeToy but supposedly much better. There are plenty of developers onboard for both new peripherals so we’ll just have to see how they cope with lag and whether your movements actually translate properly into onscreen action.

I still think the PS3 is going to come charging through into the ascendancy, let’s face it everyone who wants a Wii has one and then there are another few million people who don’t want one but they already have one too. With these new motion controllers for the two big competitors there is quite simply no excuse left to want a Wii, it is inferior in every respect.

The Project Natal title Milo which is being developed by Lionhead still wins the creepiest game award. Who wants a young boy to talk to living in their television? I don’t even want to answer that question.

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