Swiss Gaming Ban

The Swiss have apparently tightened their laws surrounding age restricted games so that youngsters need ID to buy them. It also means any game without a PEGI rating can’t be sold at all. Apparently there is now talk of an outright ban of all mature videogames. I would seriously hate to be Swiss. Even before this news I think I’d hate to be Swiss. It must be pretty scary for Swiss game developers.

It’s odd when you look at the countries that have strict and moronic policies towards games. In fact Switzerland kind of makes sense if you go with the alpine fresh, healthy skiing vision of neutrality. Germany and Australia less so.  Australia seem to ban anything that is even vaguely controversial and Germans having an aversion to blood just doesn’t sound convincing. Anyway all this censorship talk has got me angry I’m going to strafe a room full of Germans and pepper them with lead but I’ll be imagining they are Swiss censors.






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  1. Klaus Breuer Avatar


    Sorry to contact you via the comments, but I could not find a ‘Contact’ setting anywhere…

    I just got myself ‘Tropico 3’, have some time right now, and would like to thank you for your two guides on BrightHub.

    Since I prefer to print these things out and have them next to me while playing, I turned them into a PDF, which you’re more than welcome to sniff at. Nope, I don’t plan to post it anywhere 😉

    If you’d like a copy of both the PDF and TEX source, please contact me on google mail, using my full name (without a dot or anything separating name and surname).

    Greetings from nice and sunny Munich,

    Klaus Breuer

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