Is Heavy Rain Most Depressing Game Ever?

heavyrainI’ve started playing Heavy Rain, yes I realise I’m a bit late to the party but so many games, so little time, you know how it goes. My mate who gave me this game said it was really good, bit different, quick time event reaction ala Shenmue, well worth a go. So I finally got round to it and it’s the kind of interesting game that doesn’t involve football or repeatedly shooting people in the face so my wife decided to settle down and play it with me. Less than an hour into the game and she was crying her eyes out as I gulped back my own tears and we both resisted the impulse to go and wake up our baby boy. I think it might just be something that happens to you when you have kids, suddenly anything with a kid dying is too much to bear. Still haven’t played much of the way through it yet but what I’ve seen so far is awesomely original. I also couldn’t think of another game that has come close to causing tears. Sure there are characters I kind of like, the rasta guy in GTA IV (although I can’t remember his name) , I got slightly upset when William Wallace died in my old Medieval Total War game but for the most part there isn’t much to really tug your heart strings. What do you think? Am I forgetting something? What is the most depressing game of all time? Post a comment.





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  1. Katherine Avatar

    I’m sad that no one has commented on this! I feel the same way, after the child died in the beginning, I turned it off because I became incredibly depressed. I haven’t been able to play it since!!! I was wondering if it lightens up, because I wanted to start playing it again. My brother bought it for me for my birthday to try to expand my gaming horizons into the kind of stuff that he likes, but I’m convinced I’m too much of a girl to handle it. Oh well, I just thought I would drop a comment even though this was posted a while back.

  2. Etcrane Avatar

    Katherine, unfortunately it doesn’t lighten up. If the opening part of the game was traumatic, you may want to avoid the rest. It’s a great game but highly depressing. Even getting a good ending leaves you slightly down because of the feeling of betrayal (you’ll understand if you finish it).

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