Tower Defense Addiction

Defense GridI’m currently addicted to tower defense games, which I realised after playing Defense Grid on my PC for four hours and then switching to Robo Defense on my Android phone when I finally got dragged away from the computer. This is bad. The gameplay does have a powerful hook though and there is something oddly soothing about watching aliens or robots or alien robots marching like fools into your vast network of death. They are deceptively simple but because of the free form nature of well designed maps and the choice of different modes of destruction you can apply a wide variety of strategies.

If you’ve got an Android phone then you should seriously get Robo Defense, it probably won’t keep you engaged in the long term but it is an addictive wee game and the lite version offers loads of gameplay so you can decide whether it’s worth buying the full version (it is). If you do get it then check out my Robo Defense guide.

On the PC I can also recommend Defense Grid as a solid indie title which is well worth the cash. You can get it on Steam. It adds an isometric view and some different challenges and tower types. Again I don’t think it really has enough depth to last the long haul but it will keep me amused until Civ 5.

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