Bloody Good Time

bloody_good_timeSo the last big “ish” game I worked on is hobbling towards release. Bloody Good Time is like a reworked version of The Ship with loads of differences and a b-movie backdrop. I left well before the end of development and I’m not going to talk about working on it, suffice to say I didn’t have a bloody good time. Still, some awesomely talented people worked on it and it’s going to be supercheap so you should probably check it out. My old boss gave an interview about it at Big Download which is a good read and judging by this Eurogamer forum post he’s not the only one talking about the difficulties of working with Ubi.

This reminds me of an awesome article on Gamasutra (the comments are worth reading too). It will strike a chord with a lot of people in the industry. It does a pretty good job of explaining why so many people turn their backs on game development. I’m much happier writing and I think I miss the idea of working in games more than the reality. Having said that I will make more games – I’m just not ever going to do it for someone else again.

Anyway BGT will only cost you $5 and it should be out on the 27th October.



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