One More Turn Syndrome

civ_5_caesarDamn Civilization V is addictive! Not a major surprise for anyone who has played any of the other games in the series. I had a break from Civ for the last couple of years because it has a tendency to eat up all your free time and it quickly becomes the default activity if you have a couple of hours to spend. You can check out my full Civilization V review for more detail on the game. If you’ve been playing it yourself then my Civilization V Victory Guide might come in handy. It hasn’t taken long for Civ to get its hooks back into me and there are few games you can catch yourself daydreaming about when you’re otherwise engaged but this is definitely one of them.

Should you get it? Well as turn-based strategy goes there is still nothing better but if you value your free time you probably don’t want to develop a Civ habit – it can be hard to break.






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