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The lack of decent Android games is pretty disappointing. I’ve never been convinced about mobile phones as a great gaming platform but certain types of game can work very well. It’s also handy to have a brief time killer on your mobile so you can get a fix when you don’t have access to a PC, console or handheld.

angry_birdsThe fact that Angry Birds is proving so popular shows up the lack of decent options on Android. It has been downloaded by millions since it was ported over from iPhone and I have to admit it is an addictive wee game. Firing birds at pig filled buildings and trying to destroy them all is actually a lot of fun. It’s also one of the most polished games on Android and with loads of levels to complete you should definitely check it out if you haven’t, it’s free after all.

Here are a few more of the best Android games worth a look.

Robo Defense
This was the most popular game on Android before Angry Birds came along and it’s well worth playing. It’s a simple 2D tower defense strategy game but it is very well made and has a powerful addictive hook.

This scrolling shooter reminds you of all those alien blasting arcade games of yesteryear and it has a great sense of humour too. It’s been a popular Android game for ages and it deserves to be.

radiantBonsai Blast
I’m not usually a big fan of puzzle shooters. Fire coloured balls at a snaking incoming line and if you match three or more they’ll disappear. Stop them before they reach the end and you’ll beat the level. This one is addictive.

Gem Miner
This offers a bit of exploration and trade as a gnarly old miner. You have to dig your way through the rock to find valuable gems and you can sell your pickings and buy equipment at the store on the surface.

Sketch Online
Nice to see some games take advantage of the multiplayer option. This is basically Pictionary in an online room with other players and the person who guesses right gets to go next.

If you miss Space Invaders then Invadroid is worth a play. It’s not the greatest adaptation but it will give you a blast of that classic gameplay.

Blow Up
This was the game I played before Angry Birds came along. The idea is similar with physics based structures to knock down. The difference here is you have to destroy each structure by planting dynamite rather than firing birds at it.

Pirates and Traders
This is like Sid Meier’s Pirates but in text only form, not everyone’s cup of tea but it does offer a bit more depth than most Android games.

Pocket Racing
Top down racing game where you have to steer your car round a track. It’s simple but well made and quite fun.

2_player_reactor2 Player Reactor
This is my pick for drunken multiplayer. Basically a test of reflexes as the screen is divided in two and you both have to tap when you see the right answer in a series of puzzles. Whoever is quicker on the draw wins the round.

This is a nice wee puzzler where you have to divide off the screen by cutting off segments without being hit by one of the balls bouncing around inside. It’s mildly diverting.

This is free and pretty different. You just need to combine elements and their products to create new things. It has a nice sense of humour and proves more addictive than you might expect.

Replica Island
This is an impressive title for Android where you play a wee robot and have to unravel a mystery for a professor. It includes some clever mechanics in a platform setup and has pretty high production values comparatively.

I’ve tried a bunch of other Android games, including many iPhone ports. Games like Air Control, Flight Director, Hungry Shark, Doodle Jump, Abduction, Fruit Ninja, Shoot U!, Totemo are all popular but to be honest they are all very limited and get boring fast. The problem with some of the glitzier games like N.O.V.A. and Asphalt HD is that they eat your battery super fast and while they look good for mobile phone games they’ll never compete with their counterparts on PC or console.

The Android platform is best suited to quick action games and puzzlers you can dip into simply because that’s what you want on your mobile but there are a handful of good ones and then a massive wad of cheap knock offs. Hopefully we’ll see some better options in the coming months. If you’ve got a favourite Android game worth a look then post a comment.






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