Games Based on TV Shows

murder_she_wroteIf you’re buying gifts this Christmas and you like to go for the recognition purchase, y’know, “such and such likes that show/film/thing I’ll get them a distantly related book/board game/video game”. Don’t…..just don’t.

No one ever made a good game based on a TV show, ever, even if the show forms a suitable basis for a game they’ll still rush it on the cheap and make sure it sucks beyond belief. The favourite tactic is to copy an existing game badly and give it a TV show veneer. Here are some of the worst games based on TV shows.

  • Murder, She Wrote
  • House M.D.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game
  • Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • American Idol
  • The Apprenticethe_apprentice
  • Cold Case Files
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Miami Vice
  • The Shield
  • Survivor: The Interactive Game
  • The Office
  • The Weakest Link
  • The Price is Right
  • MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch
  • Lost: Via Domus
  • Hell’s Kitchendallas_quest
  • Farscape: The Game
  • Family Feuds
  • Deal or No Deal
  • 24: The Game
  • Dallas Quest
  • Grange Hill
  • Prison Break: The Conspiracy
  • The Sopranos: Road to Respect
  • The Young Ones





2 responses to “Games Based on TV Shows”

  1. ca Avatar

    you should also put home improvement. They got a game but it made no sence and involved dinosaurs.

  2. Simon Hill Avatar

    Dinosaurs? seriously?

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