Zombies and Total War

shimazu_victoryAfter a busy couple of months I’ve been gaming more again. The current addiction is Shogun 2: Total War, predictably enough. Here’s my Shogun 2: Total War review and I just did a series of guides for newcomers, check out Shogun 2: Total War Guide. It is the best TW so far.

On the PS3 I’m addicted to the Skate 3 Hall of Meat challenges. Why is it so much fun to bail and try and do maximum damage to your hapless avatar? There’s a whole game of skate tricks and challenges but mashing the guy up is the most fun you can have here.

On Android I’m going to recommend Stupid Zombies. It’s styled like Angry Birds but you play a shotgun wielding Ash clone and have to shoot zombies, your shotgun comes with various ammo types and you can ricochet the bullets around to get maximum points and take out the horde in one shot. Check out my Stupid Zombies review for more. It’s free too so grab it.

All I need now is a Total War: Zombies game.



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