Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Disappoints

There’s no real denying it, I’m disappointed. With Fire and Sword is more like a mod for the original game than a whole new title. Here’s a link to my Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword review.

So what’s wrong? In short — they’ve cut the character set up, the guns are like slow crossbows but much more deadly, especially at close range, the background history just isn’t what I’m into and it looks chaotic and weird. You can’t recruit peasants from villages anymore, there’s less freedom in the progression because they’ve created more of a narrative. The jousting tournaments have gone but there’s no replacement and the early single player game is just a case of repeating familiar missions from the original and Warband with a slight repaint. The more I play it the more I want to fire up Warband again and play that instead.

The original was so super addictive but this just isn’t hooking me. The move towards guns and explosives is just wrong, the thing I always loved about M&B was in the name – mount and blade. I’d also like to see more depth in the missions. Maybe some real character development (there are some nice new characters in WFaS to be fair but the interaction feels too familiar). I have high hopes this is just a small mis-step in the series, I’m sure Tale Worlds will return to form.






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  1. James Laurance Mackay Avatar
    James Laurance Mackay

    I agree that not being able to recruit from villages is annoying, and I hate the mercenary system. I would disagree with your complaints on the firearms, because I am interested in this era of warfare. Saying ” the thing I always loved about M&B was in the name – mount and blade.” Is like me saying, I love fire and sword because there are firearms and swords.

    Of course there was a lot of modding potential for this game, but I have only found a few; and most are poor, apart from a diplomacy mod which improved a lot of aspects of the game.

    I am disappointed that they set this wonderful era of warfare in such a niche setting. It would have been nice to see Britain, France, Italy, Russia etc, fighting it out. I mean who’s read ogniem i mieczem, (With fire and sword novel, which the game is based off.)

    Anyway now Napoleonic wars is here there is a single player modification coming out which is looking good. Hopefully I will find my fun there.

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