GRave Defense Tips and Strategies

I’ve been addicted to this game lately so I thought a few GRave Defense tips and strategies might be in order.

GRave Defense is a typical tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic future which is overrun by zombies and various mutated monsters. You have a variety of towers to choose from and there are fixed spots on the maps to place them. Each new wave of enemies will take a different path — marked out when they enter the level (you can also tap on them to display the path again).

As you kill the mutants you’ll amass more cash to buy new towers or upgrade your existing ones. You’ll also sometimes get power-ups that you have to tap on to increase your overall health, get bonus cash or create a slow-down field. As the levels progress you’ll encounter new enemies but you’ll also get better towers to deal with them.

The early levels are pretty easy. If you use a mixture of machine gun turrets and cannons spread across the map then you’ll be fine. The machine guns and Tesla coils are great because they deal out continuous damage to any enemy type. Cannons are powerful but they have a slow reload rate and can only hit ground based enemies.

For the first few levels it is best to get multiple towers out across the map because you won’t have access to Freezers (slow-down towers) yet. This ensures you are hitting the enemies all the way round and you can worry about upgrading the towers after you have a good spread across the level.

Continuous damage towers like the machine guns and Tesla coils work best if they are close to the path. They have a smaller range. Cannons can be placed further back.

When you get onto the later levels you need to use Freezers to ensure the enemy hordes don’t make it through your defences. Make sure you concentrate your offensive towers around your Freezers so the enemies are chewed up while they are moving in slow motion. Placing Tesla coils on corners works well and try to space them so the enemies are being continuously damaged as they march round.

You’ll eventually encounter more flying enemies and even characters like Dracula who can be really tough to take down. You’ll also find yourself up against big mutants who can regenerate health for any zombies or enemy creatures nearby. You need to use Cryo-cannons to freeze them and separate them from the pack. Make sure you have plenty of offensive towers in the area where your Cryo-cannon operates so that enemies get hit while they are frozen.

When you get the option you will want to build Harpoons for dealing with flying enemies and Flamethrowers to deal with ground-based enemies. The Harpoons have a great range, especially when they are upgraded so they can be placed wherever, a couple of central ones will cover the whole map. For Flamethrowers you want to place them within the sphere of a Cryo-cannon so they can incinerate any enemy that gets frozen. They work great against the regenerating mutants.

There are a couple of other enemy types who can prove to be a real pain. The exploding zombies can take out your towers and the mutant beetles will freeze towers so they stop working for a limited time. For these guys you want to employ mines. Use them as close to the entry point as possible and ideally away from other towers and just keep replacing them as they blow up.

When things start to get tougher on the later levels you want to have Freezers and a concentration of offensive towers around them and focus on upgrading them fully before you build more. This works better against tough enemies than a spread of basic towers across the map, especially against the health regenerating mutants.

Good luck and post a comment if you have any other good tips for GRave Defense.






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