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  • Batman’s Arkham Adventures

    Batman’s Arkham Adventures

    When Rocksteady released the original Batman: Arkham Asylum they finally nailed something that game developers had been trying and failing to do for years – they produced a super hero game with high production values, a real respect for the source material and a blend of superb artwork and addictive gameplay. It was easily the […]

  • Top Ten FPS Games of All Time

    Top Ten FPS Games of All Time

    The first-person shooter genre is massively popular and has a huge and loyal fan base committed to spending hours in virtual environments blowing each other to smithereens. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline soaked chaos of a good FPS session. If it goes well it can be better than a course of anger management, if […]

  • Kinect for Casual Gamers

    The Wii was a surprisingly big success considering Nintendo ignored the arms race towards more powerful tech and instead focussed on accessibility. By going for the mass market instead of pandering to hardcore gamers they captured a whole new audience of people who don’t traditionally buy game consoles or play games. Naturally Sony and Microsoft […]

  • Bloody Good Time

    So the last big “ish” game I worked on is hobbling towards release. Bloody Good Time is like a reworked version of The Ship with loads of differences and a b-movie backdrop. I left well before the end of development and I’m not going to talk about working on it, suffice to say I didn’t […]

  • Sony Move vs Microsoft Natal

    I knew Sony were bringing out a motion controller of some kind but Jesus it really does look like a bit too close to the Wiimote doesn’t it? It’s apparently lighter, perhaps slightly more ergonomic and it definitely looks better but still. Looks like the next big fight is a match up between the Sony […]

  • It’s About Time Crates Had Their Own Game

    Crates have been an ever present feature of gaming since the days of Doom. The perfect crouching cover, climbing step, space filler and smashable hiding place for pick ups. Then there’s the king of crates – the exploding variety. Only barrels have even come close to appearing in as many games as crates and yet […]

  • Sony Strikes Back

    As the console war continues to escalate Sony are really sticking it to the competition….. better late than never. Since announcing the price cut and the new slim version of the PS3 they have shifted over 1 million units worldwide. Microsoft were quick to announce their own price cut to keep the Xbox 360 in […]

  • Xbox 360 Price Drop

    So Microsoft have announced they are cutting the price of the Xbox 360 Elite by $100 which will make it $299. The same price as the new PS3. Both machines are 120 GB but I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would buy a 360 over a PS3. The PS3 is […]