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  • Is parenthood the end of gaming?

    Is parenthood the end of gaming?

    So, you may have noticed the complete lack of updates around these parts. I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell all my friends who I never see anymore. Parenthood is time consuming. My son was born four years ago now and I haven’t slept since. Between him and my one year-old daughter […]

  • Where Are the Good Games Based on Horror Movies?

    Where Are the Good Games Based on Horror Movies?

    With Halloween approaching I’ve been sifting through my horror movies deciding what to watch and it got me thinking about the lack of decent video games based on horror films. Surely the horror genre should be fertile ground for some great games? Well sadly it hasn’t been. There have been some decent horror video games […]

  • What’s Wrong with the Scottish Games Industry?

    In the last decade the Scottish games industry appears to have gone into serious decline. Despite having the skills and creative drive to create a number of successful titles nearly all of the big developers have vanished. How bleak is it really? There are stable companies operating and new start-ups growing but the focus has […]

  • Turn-Based Strategy and Boring End Games

    Turn-Based Strategy and Boring End Games

    I’ve been thinking recently about one of the major flaws in turn-based strategy games – the end game. How often have you reached a critical point in an epic game where you broke the back of your enemy? There comes a time when you simply know you’ve won, but actually grinding out the victory takes […]

  • Winning Strategy or Negative Exploitation?

    So which is it? When you find what is essentially an exploit in a game is it wrong, or negative to exploit it? Or is it natural evolution, picking a winning strategy that works? I figure in single player games there’s no real quandary, you can choose to exploit or not but since it has […]

  • End of Level Bosses Suck

    End of Level Bosses Suck

    Controllers thrown across the room in fury, snapped joysticks and pounded keyboards, throbbing fists and aching fingers. How I hate those infernal end of level bosses. From Dr. Robotnik to M. Bison, from Yiazmat to The End, from Mike Tyson to Lucifer, from Hydra to Bowser, end of level bosses have been raising the blood […]

  • Gaming Rivalries: Football Manager vs Championship Manager

    The overused critical broadside often fired at gaming is the idea that it discourages using your imagination, well not so with football management games. In fact the secret to the success of these number crunching databases is the player’s imagination as they translate the on screen text into glorious on pitch action in their heads. […]

  • Gaming Rivalries: PES vs FIFA

    No rivalry in the world of gaming is fiercer than the one between competing football franchises. It almost mirrors the strength of feeling people have for their club. Crossing the divide to support another franchise is a relatively rare occurrence. There are two major derby matches in the football gaming calendar and they feature a […]

  • Gaming Rivalries: Nintendo vs Sega

    Rivalry has always been an integral part of gaming. With each new generation of consoles the manufacturers do battle. Sometimes one of them is killed off permanently, a hollow shell bearing the same name may remain but for all intents and purposes Sega and Atari are gone forever. Sometimes a new challenger joins up, sees […]