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  • Nintendo Seal of Quality is a Joke

    Just been playing a Nintendo DS game called Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward which I’m reviewing and it was really pretty poor. Like a Flash browser game except they want $20 for it. It’s something I’ve noticed in general about Nintendo lately, they’ve thrown the whole idea of quality control out of the window. This game […]

  • Do You Use Your Handhelds?

    Just back from a two week holiday in France and we drove. Yes all the way from Edinburgh through the Channel Tunnel and down to a tiny place near Josselin in Brittany. Couldn’t fly for various reasons so we were stuck with the two day road trip and so I dusted off my handhelds, charged […]

  • What’s so Great About the Nintendo DSi?

    The Nintendo DSi comes out this week and it is the third iteration of the most popular handheld on the market. So what have they done to it you may well wonder? Well it is thinner and slightly longer, the screens are a wee bit bigger, the speakers are improved and they’ve added not just one but […]