Category: Indie Games

  • Tower Defense Addiction

    I’m currently addicted to tower defense games, which I realised after playing Defense Grid on my PC for four hours and then switching to Robo Defense on my Android phone when I finally got dragged away from the computer. This is bad. The gameplay does have a powerful hook though and there is something oddly […]

  • It’s About Time Crates Had Their Own Game

    Crates have been an ever present feature of gaming since the days of Doom. The perfect crouching cover, climbing step, space filler and smashable hiding place for pick ups. Then there’s the king of crates – the exploding variety. Only barrels have even come close to appearing in as many games as crates and yet […]

  • Independent Games Festival Awards 2009

    The Independent Games Festival awards are announced each year at GDC and they always highlight  a few really cool titles which are worth checking out. Here are the winners from this year. Blueberry Garden won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and it is the weird creation of Swedish developer Erik Svedang. It features a constantly changing environment […]