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  • Where Are the Good Games Based on Horror Movies?

    Where Are the Good Games Based on Horror Movies?

    With Halloween approaching I’ve been sifting through my horror movies deciding what to watch and it got me thinking about the lack of decent video games based on horror films. Surely the horror genre should be fertile ground for some great games? Well sadly it hasn’t been. There have been some decent horror video games […]

  • Games Based on TV Shows

    If you’re buying gifts this Christmas and you like to go for the recognition purchase, y’know, “such and such likes that show/film/thing I’ll get them a distantly related book/board game/video game”. Don’t…..just don’t. No one ever made a good game based on a TV show, ever, even if the show forms a suitable basis for […]

  • Are Movie Tie-In Games Ever Good?

    In a word no. Actually it is not beyond the bounds of possiblity and there have been a few decent titles which were based on movie licenses. I got thinking about this because I  just wrote a Wanted: Weapons of Fate review and it was reasonably well made for a movie tie-in. It was also devoid […]