Category: MMO

  • Fighting In Game Spam

    Is there any escape from spammers? Well not if you’re online there isn’t. In fact spammers are even infiltrating games now. They are approaching gamers in MMO games like World of Warcraft and touting in game items and levelled up characters in exchange for cash. Sony Online Entertainment have decided enough is enough and they’ve […]

  • MMO Games Development

    Have you ever heard of Multiverse? They are middleware providers of an MMO engine and tools which they give away for free to developers in return for a share of the commercial spoils, if the resultant games ever go commercial. Back in 2006 they announced a Firefly MMO game after signing a deal with Fox. […]

  • Virtual Banking in Entropia

    Well real life banking has proved to be a total disaster lately with Scottish banks in particular┬ámaking a stunning mess of things. While the real world economy seems to be struggling virtual worlds are turning over more and more cash every year. Gaming economies have been growing steadily and the amount of money changing hands […]