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  • Best endless runners for Android

    Keep on running, keep on hiding, One fine day I’m gonna fall down a hole, Or be eaten by an ape, Or maybe trip over something. The endless runner is a weird offshoot of the platform game genre. You play as a constantly moving character and have to tap controls to jump or dodge obstacles, […]

  • Defender II Review and Tips

    Defender II Review and Tips

    So my latest Android addiction is Defender II which is a kind of twist on the tower defense genre. You pilot a single tower and have to guide a hail of arrows at the never ending waves of bizarre monsters marching in to take your castle down. You also have a batch of spells to […]

  • Favourite Android Games

    The lack of decent Android games is pretty disappointing. I’ve never been convinced about mobile phones as a great gaming platform but certain types of game can work very well. It’s also handy to have a brief time killer on your mobile so you can get a fix when you don’t have access to a […]