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  • The Ultimate FPS Ever!

    The Ultimate FPS Ever!

    So I’ve been thinking about the ultimate action game featuring characters that combine genre clichés to the max. By combining clichés and ripped off ideas with some juicy plot twists we can multiply the awesomeness and create the next FPS smash hit. The Baddies A disgruntled Russian general still mentally in the Cold War has […]

  • Top Ten FPS Games of All Time

    Top Ten FPS Games of All Time

    The first-person shooter genre is massively popular and has a huge and loyal fan base committed to spending hours in virtual environments blowing each other to smithereens. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline soaked chaos of a good FPS session. If it goes well it can be better than a course of anger management, if […]

  • Top Ten Annoying FPS Design Flaws

    I’ve been playing a few FPS games again recently after a fairly lengthy break from them. It is amazing how much they stick to convention. They feature the same old gameplay over and over again and the same old problems. Here is my top ten of annoying FPS game design and behaviour. Enemies spawning in […]

  • Now I Remember Why I Stopped Playing FPS Games

    I used to play first person shooters for hours daily. Working at a games developer it is pretty common to play games at lunch time and sometimes even stay after work to have a big FPS session. Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, Vietcong, Call of Duty, Medal of Honour, Wolfenstein, Halo, Team Fortress 2, Mafia, Doom, […]