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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

    Another season, another version of PES. So is Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 the game to pinch the football crown back from FIFA? It depends on what you’re looking for really. This year’s release offers a few welcome refinements that really improve the gameplay and boost your attacking options. If you missed the end to end […]

  • Funniest PES Goal Ever

    Funniest PES Goal Ever

    I’ve played a lot of PES over the years and it would be fair to say that the goalies can be shockingly inept at times but this is the funniest goal we’ve ever seen. Typically I was playing as Celtic when my Rangers supporting mate scored this one.

  • Gaming Rivalries: PES vs FIFA

    No rivalry in the world of gaming is fiercer than the one between competing football franchises. It almost mirrors the strength of feeling people have for their club. Crossing the divide to support another franchise is a relatively rare occurrence. There are two major derby matches in the football gaming calendar and they feature a […]