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  • Turn-Based Strategy and Boring End Games

    Turn-Based Strategy and Boring End Games

    I’ve been thinking recently about one of the major flaws in turn-based strategy games – the end game. How often have you reached a critical point in an epic game where you broke the back of your enemy? There comes a time when you simply know you’ve won, but actually grinding out the victory takes […]

  • Zombies and Total War

    After a busy couple of months I’ve been gaming more again. The current addiction is Shogun 2: Total War, predictably enough. Here’s my Shogun 2: Total War review and I just did a series of guides for newcomers, check out Shogun 2: Total War Guide. It is the best TW so far. On the PS3 […]

  • Shogun 2: Total War

    Shogun 2: Total War

    Looks like the Total War series is going back to its roots with a remake of Shogun. Should be awesome. The AI appears to be much improved, check out this video. More Shogun II: Total War Videos