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  • PSN Breach

    So Sony is seriously under fire after the PlayStation Network breach. With 75 million users the prospect that personal data including names, email addresses, postal addresses, birthdays, user names and log in passwords may have been stolen is obviously cause for concern. Worse is the possibility, which they can’t yet rule out, that credit card […]

  • Sony Strikes Back

    As the console war continues to escalate Sony are really sticking it to the competition….. better late than never. Since announcing the price cut and the new slim version of the PS3 they have shifted over 1 million units worldwide. Microsoft were quick to announce their own price cut to keep the Xbox 360 in […]

  • PS3 and iPlayer

    The recent tweaks made by the PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.0 update may not have blown your socks off but there is one addition that is proving super popular here in the UK. Since they added the BBC iPlayer link to the XMB the PS3 now accounts for 10% of all iPlayer usage. Macs only account for […]

  • Slim PS3 and PSP Go

    Sony made some interesting announcements at the GamesCom 2009 Expo. First up was the predictable news that they would be releasing a slim version of the PS3 on the 1st of September. It is 33% smaller, 36% lighter and 10% less loveable. I’m just saying that because I already have a fat PS3 and I […]